The oysters ...

they are almost ideal !

Oysters are a pure product of the sea and as such possess its unquestionably invigorating, revitalizing and therapeutic virtues.



Recipes ...

... for gourmets.

Warm oysters with herb butter, or oysters in aspic with confit of shallots ....

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Our news

In 2014, after a reproduction period blessed with excellent conditions, our oysters are feeding and growing remarkably well.

Their flesh rate is getting to be truly exceptional.

We are on our way to a vintage oyster year !!

Pierre-Marie Barrau's oysters

Pierre-Marie Barrau's oysters

Pierre-Marie Barrau's oysters are selected out at sea with two criteria in mind: the consistency of their flesh and the presence of mother-of-pearl on their shells.

During their stay in "claires" (special clay pounds filled with sea water), they feed on a microscopic blue alga called "navicule bleue", and acquire that particular deep green coloration and subtle taste.

They will be fished when and only when their taste will have achieved a perfect balance between sweetness and salinity.


Our oysters meet with the level of expectation of all the fishmongers, wholesale retailers, restaurants and other professionals who know something about taste and freshness and need to rely on quality products. Their costumers will appreciate the difference.